Investment Strategies

The easiest way to determine the ecological impact of your current portfolio is to first complete the ecological analysis for each investment individually. Then add all the scores together and divide by the total number of individual investments. 

You can immediately improve how green your portfolio is by selling off your investments in companies with high ecological impact scores. The next step is to find out which companies are improving their scores by lowering their ecological impact. You may decide to keep those if they are making a determined effort. However, sell the investments which are making no progress or very little progress. Finally, seek out investments that have a low ecological impact score and good financial fundamentals. 

Initially, it may be hard to find investments with scores from 12-15, because the market has only recently favored them. If you find them, then buy and hold. Investments with scores from 16-27 will be easier to find. These are good if the business is working towards a score of 12-15. If the business is not improving, then pass it by and look for those making improvements. 

Invest in businesses with a score of 28 or more with a degree of caution. Make sure they are converting to green practices in a timely and consistent manner. Keep an eye on these investments and sell them if they do not make deliberate improvements. 

Don't invest in any business with a score of 39 or more. Wait for them to lower their score below 39, and then be very careful if you decide to take the risk.