The Scoring System

This section provides a practical method for measuring ecological impact and resource use when investing in a business or enterprise. A business can be measured for its level of sustainability by determining its ecological impact. This system of measurement uses a scale between 0-60. This is used with The Formula of Sustainable Design.

Ecological Impact Scale: 
0= No impact. This is a pristine ecosystem without the presence of humans.
1-11= True Green. This is the impact of a small hunter/gatherer society.
12-15= Basic Green. These are sustainable businesses that operate without detriment to the environment.
16-27= Green. These are businesses that are almost sustainable but need some fundamental improvements. They still pose some degree of risk to the environment.
28-38= Partial Green. These are businesses that contain some factors which are sustainable. They can make the transition to Green without a lot of effort, but they may need substantial effort to reach Basic Green.
39-49= Non Green. These businesses have few sustainable factors and require a serious investment to become a Basic Green.
50-60= Anti Green. These are completely unsustainable businesses that degrade the environment in pursuit of profit. These business require a fundamental and costly change or should be shutdown completely.

The Questions to Determine Ecological Impact along with the Scoring System will help investors make educated investment decisions based on facts rather than guesswork. The Impact Scale, Questions, and Scoring System are tools of analysis.

Basic Scoring System 
Each question has a possible score from 1 to 5 points.

Answer all the questions, then add up the total. A business will have a score ranging somewhere from 12 to 60 points. Simply compare it to the Ecological Impact Scale to determine if the business is sustainable or not as well as to determine what needs to be done to lower its ecological impact.

Modified Scoring SystemA quick and approximate method to determine the answer to Question Ten for a business is to first answer Questions One through Nine, then add up the total. Finally compare it to this:
a) If the business scored 9-12 points.
b) If the business scored 13-18 points.
c) If the business scored 19-27 points.
d) If the business scored 28-36 points.
e) If the business scored 37-45 points.