Stock Evaluations Using The Formula of Sustainable Design

The Formula of Sustainable Design can be used for any purpose, but this blog uses it to analyze investments. It takes the guesswork out of green. It measures ecological impact based on ten measurable factors. Every investment (business) can be measured using the formula. An investment will fit into one of five categories: 
1) Basic Green
2) Green
3) Partial Green
4) Non Green
5) Anti Green

The only category of business that is indefinitely sustainable is the Basic Green Business, and all businesses should have a plan to become Basic Green. Investors should invest in Basic Green Businesses, however, there are very few at this time because most businesses currently follow the Industrial Model. Therefore, investors should look at and evaluate Green and Partial Green Businesses and the plans they have to go Basic Green.

The practice of using the formula for investing helps investors make considerations that go beyond simple classic economics by considering ecological impact as a financial variable. The formula takes into account actual resource use, and redefines whether or not a business can be profitable. Ultimately, only a Basic Green Business can be considered profitable, because it does not waste resources or degrade the environment. An Anti Green Business is the anti thesis of Basic Green. BP (British Petroleum) is an example of an Anti Green Business.